Sapphic First Date @ The Puppy Park

Dreamy, sapphic and just what you needed today. The outdoors never looked so inviting.

This delicious scene was modelled by four bipoc nonbinary queer artists who wanted to showcase a soft, loving side to BDSM puppy play. We love to see it. Photo credit: Cally Nicole

Sparks are flying. The vibes: immaculate. Time to get a dog? Maybe two? Sure, why not... 

Puppy play is a beautiful side to Kink. Collars and leashes are the perfect accessories to go with a harness for your pet. Our four way BDSM Harness is purpose built for doggy style, and it even comes apart into a four-way restraint to change up the play. 

Hmmm, this date is going so well... let's go adopt a dog or two together?

Queer culture is getting a creature you can pamper together. These puppies were all too happy to please!

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