M I N I - 1/2" Leather Day Collar

M I N I - 1/2" Leather Day Collar

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The  M I N I - 1/2" Leather Day Collar is the ultimate everyday fashion collar, cut from 1/2" genuine buttery soft leather, so you barely even feel the touch of it as you go about conquering your daily to-do list. Choose from a variety of colours and hardware options to show off your personal style. Add laser engraving for an extra personal touch!

BDSM is in the Details

Make your Mini your own

The Mini Collar is cut out of a variety of leathers to offer different sensory experiences, colour choices and sizes. Made with 3-4 oz genuine leather hides sourced from a local supplier.

Unique Design

This collar was originally hand drafted on paper, then the pattern was illustrated by our lead designer. 1/2" straps connect around the back with a buckle and d ring to finish off the extra strap.

Comfort Fit

Each leather we choose for this collar is fairly soft, as this is intended for very light play and fashion use.

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