First Date Vibes @ The Penitent Puppy Park

Dreamy, sapphic and just what you needed today. The outdoors never looked so inviting.

This delicious scene was modelled by four bipoc nonbinary queer artists who wanted to showcase a soft, loving side to BDSM puppy play. We love to see it. Photo credit: Cally Nicole

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The Penitent Collar : Not Just For Looks
With 3 functional D rings, there are so many options to encourage obedience. This is the perfect pet collar for real play scenes.

C R O S S B O D Y - Fashion Stretch O Ring Harness

C R O S S B O D Y - Fashion Stretch O Ring Harness

Regular price $250.00

Designed as a centrepiece of an outfit, expect the bold lines of the Crossbody Fashion Harness to accent any fit. Made with buttery soft European Vegetable Tanned heritage leather, expect this harness to feel like a gentle hug. This softer 3-4oz leather has more stretch than our functional BDSM harness, and is built for fashion over full scenes. 

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