R E S T R A I N - Leather Play Cuffs

R E S T R A I N - Leather Play Cuffs

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  • Suitable for heavy play
  • Genuine Leather
  • Hand made in Canada
These are the real deal. Our protection pending restraint design uses tension and horse tack quality leather to offer cuffs that will actually hold you during intense BDSM scenes.

BDSM is in the Details

Hand made by local artists

Our 3/4" inner straps weave over 1.25" of base for extra hold. Get it unlined for a rougher experience, or line your cuffs to enjoy a little sensory softness.

Protection Pending Design

3/4" in and out strap uses the natural physics of tension. The results? Restraints that won't pop the restraint out on you during play.

Comfort Fit

Our protection pending design seamlessly flows around pressure points for a comfort fit without the need for padding. Feel the leather around your wrists and ankles as you struggle...